Guest Reviews

How friendly the staff are, one of the best hotels ever stayed in

January 10, 2017

Mr. Robert Arthur Kendall 

- -

Everything the food, service and ambience were incredible. Everything was exceptional thank you for an amazing experience

March 28, 2016

Mr. Shane Watson 

Australian Cricketer

Very well located with great views over the lake

March 27, 2016

Mr. Peter William Holton 


Sense of a real palace and courteous service

March 24, 2016

Mr. Michael Acworth Lomax 


Very beautiful Heritage hotel, with very friendly staff.

March 19, 2016

Mr. Thierry Louis Gerard Morel 

French embassy

Lovely rooms are looking to lake

March 13, 2016

Ms. Sophie Nicola Maple Brown 


A pleasant few relaxed stay

March 09, 2016

Mr. Michael Dennis Howells 


The location is impossible to beat

March 08, 2016

Mr. Thane Geoffrey Russell 


Thank you for a nice end to our stay in India

February 29, 2016

Mr. Andrew Mccabe 


Thank you for a nice end to our stay in India

February 29, 2016

Mr. Andrew m’cabe 

British Fateh Prakash Palace

Loved it! What a magical place. We will be back

February 18, 2016

Mr. Patrick Michael Weber 

German Fateh Prakash Palace

The promptness of staff is commendable the place spells grandeur in every sense!! Will surly come back !!

February 07, 2016

Mrs. Neetika Singh 

Indian Fateh Prakash Palace

Loved the sunset terrace and the beautiful surroundings of the hotel.

January 20, 2016

Mr. Keith Lawrence Miller 

- Fateh Prakash Palace

Lake view room very quiet & peaceful with friendly helpful staff. Also good WIFI connection in room

January 02, 2016

Mr. Mark Graham 

- Fateh Prakash Palace

Very accommodating and personalized service prime location.

December 25, 2015

Ms Shreya Sood 

- Fateh Prakash Palace

Incredible room and view - its hard to leave

December 23, 2015

Mr. Eric Olson 

- Fateh Prakash Palace

Fantastic experience!! A fair tale in real life. I felt like a princes living in a palace.

December 11, 2015

Ms. Hansika Chandramani 

- Fateh Prakash Palace

Love the views from the balcony, the Venice of India.

September 25, 2015

Ms. Susan Mary Wiiliams 

New Zealander For Fateh Prakash- Udaipur

The friendliness & immeasurable hospitality of the hotel is truly the sole representation of this royal city!!

September 21, 2015

Ms. Rhea dewan 

- For Fateh Prakash- Udaipur

A piece of heaven, One of the loveliest places in the world

September 16, 2015

Ms. Tracy Robinson 

Harvard Health, Boston USA For Fateh Prakash- Udaipur

Everything was fantastic we had great time of our life

May 08, 2015

Mr. gunbir Singh 

- -

The hospitality, courtesy and friendliness pars extremely pleasant stay

May 18, 2014

Ms. Netra Makan 

The royal touch of smilling energetic people. They are gems to this incredible palace

May 17, 2014

Mr. Sudharshan Thivar 

Cosy and comfortable space with warm and welcoming smile

May 14, 2014

Ms. Vanita Arora 

GoodHomes magazine Delhi Delhi

There are excellent hotels in Udaipur, but Fateh Prakash will stand apart for its warmth and personal touch.

October 24, 2013

Mr. Alok Bhushan 

- For Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel

Friendliness exceeds expectation (Rahul, Ashok are Asst, Truly world class), best rooms and amazing. view What a amazing experience nothing Compares Will be your Ambassador. Just keep on doing the same

May 19, 2013

Mr. Shobhit Kaushal 

- For Fateh Prakash- Udaipur

A magical Experience that could never be replicated , once in life time opportunity but we wlll be back

May 13, 2013

Bard Hogg 

(Australian Cricketer and member of Rajasthan Royals Team) , Stayed at Fateh Prakash Palace

The land of courage & Valor, the only people on earth who were never defeated in war. The land of Maharana Pratap also my favorite childhood hero “Chetek”. I on behalf of our chairman Shri Pratap Chaudhuri & Shri A.Krishna Kumar Our Managing Director & Group Executive. We Thank you for our most memorable stay & conference for these 3-4 days. I have never been audience to such splendor & taste of the Ranas, over these centuries. you are a pride for us all thank you

April 24, 2013

Mr.Pawan Kumar 

(Chief Manager NBG Coordination) ,Secretariat MD &GE (NB) ,State bank of India, Corporate Centre Nariman Point , Mumbai,India , Conference of State Bank Of India at the Durbar Hall Sabhagaar, Fateh Prakash Palace Convention Centre

The arrangements were as in pressure as the venue & our event went off very well thanks to the good work done by staff Thank you.

March 15, 2013

Mr.S.L. Raina 

(GM State Bank Of India New Delhi) , Conference held at Durbar Hall Sabhagaar Fateh Prakash Palace Convention centre

Thank you for hosting the very well organized work shop. The service was excellent & the environment perfect for such an event and overall administration very good.

January 18, 2013

Mr.Simon Bills 

(PWD & World Bank Conference) , Conference held at Durbar Hall Sabhagaar Fateh Prakash Palace Convention centre

It has been pleasure to hold World Bank Work Shop in this “Durbar Hall “of National Republic. We are Lucky to have opportunity to have this event here.We are thankful to your Staff for their wonderful support thanks.

January 18, 2013

Mr.Prabha Kant 

(Director Project)PWD & World Bank Conference and Conference held at Durbar Hall Sabhagaar Fateh Prakash Palace Convention centre

Very Delighted to hold the Meeting In this Historic & Gorgeous Hotel. Everything is so Tastefully done & well Preserved. Particularly the Lunch & the view from there is breathtaking will Cherish Memories all my life.

November 17, 2012

Mr.Pratap Chaudhuri 

(Chairman State Bank Of India) , Conference held at Durbar Hall Sabhagaar Fateh Prakash Palace Convention centre

Fantastic Location and great service

May 18, 2011

Robert Basteson 

May 18,2011, Fateh Prakash Palace,Udaipur

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