Weekly Happenings

About Weekly Happenings

The “Weekly Happenings” was developed to create interest and variety for our local and in house guests. It was an opportunity to give something back to our community and create an awareness that there was something different always happening at HRH.

Producing a calendar of events that would be different, deliciously tempting and yet accessible to all, has been the emphasis of these events. Thoughtful planning and development of these weekly happenings has been based upon our customer’s preferences and comments. From Italian extravaganzas with pizza, pasta, risottos and salads through to Mexican madness with burritos, nachos, chilli and enchilada’s, to creating your own Ice Cream sundae with luscious flavours and toppings, the theme has been, to offer a little something to please everyone.

We have been continually listening to our guests and the events that have been developed in Palki Khana, Sunset Terrace, Shikabadi, Gorbandh and our other hotels have not only proved to be popular and well received, but have been brought about by this customer focus.

Our aim is to continually offer interesting and different events so that delicious food, great service in a fun atmosphere will be enjoyed by all. Come along next Saturday or Sunday and be part of the “Weekly Happenings”

HRH is pleased to announce their “Weekly Happenings” program.

The” Weekly Happenings” showcases the many and varied restaurants and bars that are part of the HRH Group of Hotels. Within each restaurant a series of special events has been produced so that it can offer you, the guest something very special.

Popular international cuisines are featured and include Italian, Mexican, Thai, Spanish, Asian and Japanese. Of course we will also tempt you with your favourite Indian specialities ranging from the ever popular Chaat to delicious kebabs and tasty barbequed morsels.

Select tastings, of single malt whisky’s, vintage wines and designer cocktails will feature in upcoming occasions. Create your own Ice cream sundae, choose your own toppings for a gourmet pizza or make up your own designer salad, are just some of the options that will be available to you.

To find out what the “Buzz” is about with the “Weekly Happenings” just call our central reservations on 1800 180 2933, 1800 180 2944, +91 294 2528008 or email us at crs@hrhhotels.com”. We are sure that you will enjoy the occasion.