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Guest Reviews

Anil Shah

September 26, 2017
Beautiful property great ambience …. Its like a piece of heaven on earth so much to explore loved our stay !

Marie Dewaelf

September 26, 2017
The view on the lake and the tranquility

Mr. Kesarakodi Achar

March 07, 2017
Room was comfortable we enjoyed the entertainment. We wish we had more time so that we could enjoy the local area.

Mr. Jean Malivoir

March 09, 2016
The garden / lake and the general feeling of calm.

Mrs. Catherine Spiteri

February 06, 2016
Marvelous place enchanting atmosphere

Ms. Metivier

February 05, 2016
Preservation and some modernizations of the hotel style as it was in the early twentieth century

Capt Saxena

August 25, 2015
A wonderful experience overall. Courteous old world charm & hospitality
For Gajner Palace

Lt. Gen K. Chiman Singh

August 22, 2015
Very prompt and efficient service. A wonderful property to visit. Thank you all
For Gajner Palace

Ms. Kelly Dengel

August 21, 2015
Such a lovely hotel and the staff were always helpful and kind hearted
For Gajner Palace

Mr. Amrinder Tiwana

July 11, 2014
very plaud and it has a remarkable old world charm
For Gajner Palace

Mrs. Swantje Schulze (Germany)

May 09, 2014
Very romantic ambience with the lake and wild animals
For Gajner Palace

Mr. Norman Cain (British)

April 24, 2014
your décor, the magnificent architecture & the very helpful and courteous staff
For Gajner Palace

Mr. Eve C Johnstone

March 28, 2014
this is a charming hotel with delightful facilities & an excellent restaurant
Gajner Palace

Mr. Vineet Lodha

March 28, 2014
It was endearing to see the staff go out of the way to accommodate us
For Gajner Palace

Mr. Parag Shah

November 09, 2013
Location next to the lake & sanctuary was awesome & refreshing
Gajner Palace

Col. Abhay Dayal

May 30, 2013
It was very nice in Gajner. The warmth of staff was worth a mention.
Gajner Palace

Joachim Kant

March 09, 2013
We liked the romantic atmosphere of the hotels
Gajner Palace

Bhatnagar Family

March 09, 2013
A lovely location, lovely ambiance keep up the good work and will surely visit again
Gajner Palace

Alexandre Mayer

April 12, 2011
Beautiful Place, beautiful music and very good service