Rtd. General Bikram Singh presenting a token of acknowledgement to the Palace Band master

Shriji presenting a memento to Rtd. General Bikram Singh

Shriji, Smt. Vijayraj Kumari Mewar, Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar,
Mrs. Nivritti Kumari Mewar, Rtd. General Bikram Singh,
Mrs. Bubbles Bikram Singh, Brigadier S.S. Patil and Mrs. Sonali Patil

Sun, 14 May

Interview for the show "The Path of Travel" for Al Jazeera

A team from Al Jazeera channel including Mr. Abdullah Al Hashash, Director; Mr. Ali Bin Towar, Host; Mr. Siddharth Sathyajit, Producer; Mr. Khallaf Rashid Ismail, Office Manager/ Producer ; Mr. Francois Coppey, Director of Photography; Mr. Umar Sharif, Producer; Mr. Anil Vanvala , Rajasthan Line Producer; Mr. Jaber Saad Alloughani, Assistant Director; Mr. Siddharth Bandal, Camera Operator; Mr. Sarang Aigalikar, Camera Operator; Mr. Roshan Pathak, Sound Recordist; Mr. Abhishek Rai , Camera Attendant and Mr . Samasuddin Shaikh , Camera Attendant called on Shriji at Shambhu Niwas Palace, Udaipur to interview him for their show "The Path of Travel" for the channel.

The show for the Arab audience is to show the beauty of differences of the culture around the world, from many perspective, an adventurer and wonderer. The concept is to follow TV presenter who will take us to the heart of these cultures.

Al Jazeera team filming Shriji

Mr. Ali Bin Towar, Host with Shriji

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