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Special Package | Shiv Niwas Palace

Special Packages - Shiv Niwas Palace

Sometimes we see the Royal Palace blushing at its own image in the mirror of the lake and and then eventually shies away in the shadow of soft blanket of clouds. Saying it is one thing. Feeling it is another. That is why it is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Mesmerizing experiences like these does not end just at the outer beauty of all the palaces under HRH umbrella but it is deep inside in the magnificent gates, painted jharokhas, the divine mornings and the romantic candlelit evenings. Relive the beautiful heritage that was a treasure only of the royals back then.

We bring you the larger than life experiences with irresistible packages tailor-made for indulgence in sheer luxury that’s easy on your pocket too. You can enjoy this mishmash only with HRH Group of Hotels.

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