Tribute to Sir Roger Moore
from all well wishers at Udaipur

The passing away of Sir Roger Moore on the 23rd May 2017 was received in Udaipur with deep shock, sadness and disbelief. An astonishing reaction in the city of Udaipur 35 years after the filming here of 'Octopussy' because the only James Bond Udaipur recognises and accepts is Sir Roger Moore. The population of the city has risen from 250,000 to 800,000 today watching the just one Bond Movie 'Octopussy' and one James Bond. Cafe's run two shows every evening even today. Dinners have to time their table reservations accordingly.

Sir Roger has entertained billions of viewers all over the world undoubtedly but the unique permanent impact left by him in Udaipur has not been replicated or seen else where in the world. He has single handedly changed the quality of life of the common man and brought money into the economy of the city of Udaipur. The people of Udaipur in one voice acknowledge this fascinating contribution. The fallout of the impact of 'OCTOPUSSY' has left several tangible benefits for our city.

Udaipur has had a very long association with film shooting and film makers. The first silent movie was shot in 1929 but my late father was the moving force behind EON Productions' decision to film Octopussy in Udaipur in 1982. It was the first of a number of Major Indian and international films to be shot here. The impact then and continuing through today of Octopussy on the economy of the city of Udaipur has been immense. Udaipur has managed to sustain its position as a paradise for film makers for 80 years is a big tribute to the city.

My personal memory of the late Sir Roger Moore is of an amusing, gentle and extremely courteous man who gave time to everyone he met.

He will always have a special place in the 'heart' of Udaipur and has left an indelible imprint in the imagination of the local people.

Our condolences, thoughts and prayers are with Sir Roger's family and friends. He will always be remembered here in Udaipur with affection, deep respect and great fondness.

By Arvind Singh Mewar

Arvind Singh Mewar - Mr. Roger Moore - Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar
Cocktail party hosted by Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar for Mr. Roger Moore and the Octopussy cast and crew

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